Join the party! Live entertainment and dancing!
Please note, there is cover charge during live entertainment performances.
Thursday 30-Dec-21 7:30-10:30pm Joyride
Friday 31-Dec-21 9:00-1:00am SuckerPunch
Tuesday 4-Jan-22 7:00-10:30pm Chris LeBlanc
Wednesday 5-Jan-22 7:00-10:30pm Chris LeBlanc
Thursday 6-Jan-22 7:30-10:30pm Joyride
Friday 7-Jan-22 8:00-12:00am Slack Alice
Saturday 8-Jan-22 8:00-12:00am Slack Alice
Tuesday 11-Jan-22 7:00-10:30pm Vintage Sound
Wednesday 12-Jan-22 7:00-10:30pm Vintage Sound
Thursday 13-Jan-22 7:30-10:30pm Joyride
Friday 14-Jan-22 8:00-12:00am New Soul Duo with DJ Ya-Ya
Saturday 15-Jan-22 8:00-12:00am New Soul Duo with DJ Ya-Ya
Tuesday 18-Jan-22 7:00-10:30pm Chris LeBlanc
Wednesday 19-Jan-22 7:00-10:30pm Chris LeBlanc
Thursday 20-Jan-22 7:30-10:30pm Joyride
Friday 21-Jan-22 8:00-12:00am Krank’d
Saturday 22-Jan-22 8:00-12:00am Krank’d
Tuesday 25-Jan-22 7:00-10:30pm Vintage Sound
Wednesday 26-Jan-22 7:00-10:30pm Vintage Sound

To inquire about booking your private event, wedding or corporate event email [email protected]

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